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First Tri-State Convention a Huge Success

Idaho, Montana, Washington combined annual meetings, gathering in Coeur d’Alene June 8-11, 2000.  Total attendees for the four days were 719; 297 pharmacists, 70 booths with 178 exhibitors, 61 students-16 from Idaho, 111 spouses and guests, 40 children, 32 speakers, and 145 golfers!.

There was something for everyone.  A full agenda was available for those that wanted to take advantage of excellent C.E. and the social events were enjoyed by all.  More money than expected was contributed during the "Dunk Tank" function.

At the President’s Award Banquet, officers for the year 2000-2001 were installed and special recognition was given to several Idaho Pharmacists, including 8 (eight) pharmacists who have been licensed in the State of Idaho for 50 years or more.


President, Michael (Mic) Hess, R.Ph.,
    Owner/Pharmacist, Northwest Pharmacy, Potlatch, ID
President-Elect,Lorri Gebo-Shaver, Pharm.D.,
    Owner/Pharmacist, Super Save, Pocatello, ID;
1st Vice President, Stanley R. Gibson, R.Ph.,
    Regional Supervisor, Fred Meyer, Boise, ID;
2nd Vice President, Cathi Ketterling, Pharm.D.,
    Staff Pharmacist, Sav-Mor Drug, Buhl, ID.
Secretary-Treasurer, Vicki Baer, R.Ph.,
    Med Now Pharmacy,  Boise, ID;
Immediate Past President, Karen Fisher, R.Ph.,
    Owner/Pharmacist, Karen’s Family Pharmacy, Hailey, ID;
Student Representative, Krista Robel


 ISPA Pharmacist of the Year:
  David Price, R.Ph., Wilder, ID
 "Bowl of Hygeia" winner:
  Gary Duerr, R.Ph., Boise, ID
 Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year:
  Linda Mainvil-Fischer, Pharm.D.,  Gary’s Drug, Pinehurst, ID
ISPA Sales Representative of the Year:
  Don Love, R.Ph., McKesson Drug, Spokane, WA
 Innovative Pharmacist Award:
  Brian Jorgensen, R.Ph., Medicine Man Pharmacy,  Coeur d’Alene, ID
 Pharmacy Achievement Award:
  Karen Fisher, R.Ph., Karen’s Family Pharmacy,  Hailey, ID
 Special ISPA Recognition Award:
    Tom Wadsworth, ISU College of Pharmacy student,  Pocatello, ID

The following were honored for their 50 year service
to the profession of pharmacy:

     Jack Bishop, R.Ph., Spokane, WA (50 years)
     Donald Darling, R.Ph., Weiser, ID (50 years)
     Reed Lowell Hansen, R.Ph., Twin Falls, ID (51 years)
     Val Middleton, R.Ph., Idaho Falls, ID (50 years)
     Richard Parker, R.Ph., Nampa, ID (52 years)
     Robert (Pat) Patterson, R.Ph., Caldwell, ID (50 years)
     Raymond Pullen, R.Ph., Idaho Falls, ID (50 years)
     John Storrs, R.Ph., Boise, ID (50 years)


Our own, Michael Hess, ISPA President, got a hole-in-one on the 6th hole of the Coeur d’Alene Resort course.  For someone that golfs about once a year, what a memory!

Winners of the golf tournament were:
    Jim Rich, ISPA past president,
    Gary Duerr, ISPA past president,
    Tom Wood, Wyeth-Ayerst and
    Dave Bjornn, McKesson.
Three Idahoans being in the winner circle of the Tri-State convention tells us that golf is an important part of life in Idaho.
Mark Your Calendar
Board of Pharmacy will meet August 15-17, 2000 in Boise.  ISPA will join the Idaho Retailers and National Association of Chain Drugs Stores in presenting the "Standardized Prescription Card" idea to the Board.  Legislation will more than likely be presented by these three groups during the 2001 Idaho session.
PHARMACY DAY at the Idaho Capitol Building:  Thursday, January 18, 2001.
Come visit with your legislators, show them what pharmacy is capable of doing for them and their constituents.
June 7-10, 2001 will find ISPA returning to Coeur d’Alene, meeting with Montana and Washington.  We hope you will be a participant.
2001 Joint Spring Meeting:  March 2-4, St. Alphonsus McCleary Auditorium, Boise, Idaho

Legislative Session
Please take the time to figure out what you will realize from the lobbying and grassroots efforts.  A complete end of session legislative report will be sent out by the 1st of April.  ISPA members can be proud of their efforts.  This is the busiest legislative session ISPA has witnessed in at least 14 years and ISPA came out on top of every issue.
Joe Brunson, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare, meets with the Medical Care Advisory Committee

In the last newsletter, we reported that a co-pay will be implemented in Idaho, but that it will not affect pharmacy.  That statement was in error.  Co-pays will apply for prescription drugs as well as other Medicaid programs.  A pharmacy will bill Medicaid the full amount of the transaction and then will have to make a reasonable attempt to collect whatever the amount is designated as the co-pay.  If collected, the pharmacy retains the co-pay amount.  It is actually a bonus.  However, remember, you may not refuse to fill a prescription on the grounds the patient is unable to pay the co-pay.  If you refuse one Medicaid patient, you must refuse them all.

All of these efforts were reinforced with the assistance of the Idaho Retailer’s Association, the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, and a terrific job from the ISPA member grassroots.   A special thank you goes to Stan Gibson, R.Ph., ISPA’s 2nd Vice President.  Stan put in many hours attending sub-committee meetings, visiting with legislative committee members and testifying before the committees. 

Governor Appoints Marilyn Silcock for 2nd Term on the Idaho Board of Pharmacy. 


This is the first session ISPA used the e-mail and fax systems to disseminate legislative information.  If you have an e-mail address or fax number you have not provided ISPA and would like to be included in this type of communication, please send your information to:  208-424-1102 Fax or e-mail it in to:  [email protected].  It is so much easier, less time consuming and a lot less expensive to use these methods of communication.