Martin Honig

Manager, Pharmacy Networks

Wellpoint Pharmacy Management

PO Box 5012

Thousand Oaks, CA 91359-9721



Dear Sir,


We are requesting inclusion in the contract serving Idaho residence with the same terms, conditions, copays, and dispensing limits as your mail order service. I am entitled to this contract under the Idaho Any Willing Provider Law, as long as I meet the same terms.


The reimbursement rate, as I understand it is:


Brand AWP-19%

Generic AWP-55%

Brand and Generic Dispensing Fee $1.25




I would appreciate hearing from you by letter of fax no later than 2 weeks







Include NABP #


CC: Shad Priest, State of Idaho Deputy Attorney General,

Dale Freeman, Consumer Affairs Supervisor, State of Idaho Department of Insurance

JoAn Condie, Executive Director Idaho Pharmacy Association