Martin Honig

Manager, Pharmacy Networks

Wellpoint Pharmacy Management

PO Box 5012

Thousand Oaks, CA 91359-9721



Dear Sir,


This is a follow up letter to my letter to you Date. That letter requested inclusion in the contract serving Idaho residence with the same terms, conditions, copays, and dispensing limits as your mail order service. I am entitled to this contract under the Idaho Any Willing Provider Law, as long as I meet the same terms.


The reimbursement rate, as I understand it is:


Brand AWP-19%

Generic AWP-55%

Brand and Generic Dispensing Fee $1.25


Since I have not heard from you in a reasonable period of time, I am sending a copy of this letter, along with a complaint to the State of Idaho Department of Insurance and the State of Idaho Attorney General's office.


I would appreciate hearing from you by letter of fax no later than December 15, 2000.








CC: Shad Priest, State of Idaho Deputy Attorney General,

Dale Freeman, Consumer Affairs Supervisor, State of Idaho Department of Insurance

JoAn Condie, Executive Director Idaho Pharmacy Association